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Iíd be happy to discuss the many ways we can work together to meet your goals!


Debye Galaska, PsyD

†Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

A Safe Space to Heal

Welcome! I invite you to join with me in creating your unique journey toward wholeness and healing.

Why therapy?

Do any of these phrases describe what you are struggling with?

*My partner will leave me if I donít change.

†*Iíve tried medication after medication but I still feel† depressed (or anxious, irritable, moody, etc)

†*No matter what I do I canít seem to kick this addiction (or habit, compulsion, etc.)

†*I feel so ashamed of my past (or my body, myself, my behaviors, my temper, etc.)

†*I have always known I am differentóI will never fit in.

†*I donít understand how I keep ending up in abusive relationships, (or in dead-end jobs, in friendships where I get used, in my room alone crying, etc.)

†*Others complain about my ďragesĒ - I donít get it, but theyíve had it with me.

†* Iím afraid to say no so I just keep saying ok† - then I end up angry at myself (or Iím afraid if I say no Iím a bad person).

†*I feel so empty all the time (or guilty, or worthless, or damaged, or depressed, or exhausted, or angry).

†*I canít keep a job but I donít know why.

†*Iím so anxious I canít sleep.

†*I have to force myself to leave the house.

†*I have been depressed as long as I can remember.

†*I have tried to get past my childhood abuse (or the war,† being attacked, being criticized, being fired, my divorce, etc) but I keep getting angry or being afraid.

†*I tried therapy beforeóit didnít work.

†*I hurt so badly sometimes I think about hurting myself.

†*I canít remember part of my childhood (or chunks of time, big events in my life, whole conversations, etc.).

†*Itís hard to imagine that life will ever get better.

†*Iím afraid Iíll never measure up.

†*Some thought (or food or substance) seems to take up so much time and attention I am not functioning well.

†*My home is like a minefieldóI have to be careful of every word I say or action I take or someone explodes.

†*I just feel so empty insideóI donít know who I am but Iím pretty sure I hate myself.

*I am plagued by nightmares, terrible memories, or guilt.

*I keep panickingóover nothingóI donít know what to do!

†* I canít handle people being loving toward me.

*I want something more from my life.

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If any of these phrases describe you, or even if you have another issue that isnít listed here, I would love to meet with you. I believe there is always hope.† Read onÖ.

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A Safe Space to Heal

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